Hovertechnics HT 2000 Hovercraft

HT 2000 Features and Options

HT 2000 hovercraft powered by GM Marine Power V8 engine, 366 cu.in. (6 liter) V8 multi-port/fuel injected performance engine, electronic ignition, 360 HP at sea level; 12v electrical system with 90 amp alternator. Dual 985 cca batteries with battery master switch giving positions 1, 2 and off.

  • Hull Length: 22’  (6.70 m)
  • Hull Width: 8.2’ (2.52 m)
  • Hovercraft Payload with standard equipment: 2,210 lbs (1002 kg)
  • Choice of Hull Colors: RED/WHITE/YELLOW/BLACK
Hovertechnics HT 2000 Hovercraft

Standard equipment:

Standard Equipment:

Thrust system comprising: twin 39" (990 mm) ducted, twelve blade fans with air-straighteners driven by two Goodyear Eagle Kevlar Vee tooth cog belts. Ten cable-operated rudders and fans enclosed by removable FanGuards. Electrically controlled lift system and electric push button switches allowing variable lift and thrust settings for speed and cushion control when moving. Lift system position is shown on instrument panel.

Integrated lift and thrust air system with Neoprene-Coated® nylon skirts, and solid glass skid pads. Hull made entirely o f hand-laid cloth and chopmat and buoyance Marine quality 2.2 lb density polyurethane foam.

Woven roving fiberglass Body and chop mat with glossy gelcoat finish. Flat cockpit floor 5' x 15' overall with 18" high cockpit sides. All weather partial cockpit cover comprising of gelcoat and rigid fiberglass structure and large curve windshield, two side windows and short roof, plus windshield wiper and washer system.

Standard Seating comprises center-mounted pilot’s cushion seat, one triangular side seat on each side of pilot, 2 rows of 4 seats behind the pilog; total 10 to 12 seats not to exceed 2,210 lb. (1002 kg) payload. Optional seating arrangements are available. Consult with our engineering department.

Steering/Fuel Capacity Handle bar steering, twist grip throttle; Hinged instrument panel with:

  1. Tachometer,
  2. Hour Meter,
  3. Engine Oil Pressure Gauge,
  4. Coolant Temperature Gauge,
  5. Voltmeter,
  6. 1 Fuel Gauge,
  7. 50 US gallon (300 lb. total) capacity Fuel Tank,
  8. 6 lifting and tie down eyes, inside body, with bow and rear winching or lifting eye,
  9. One cockpit bilge pump (500 gal/hr)

Lights Yellow flashing emergency light (US Coast Guard Certified) with white all-round navigation light on duct. Red port and green starboard lights.

Additional Two side mounted grab rails and two extendable oars with boat hook ends.

Payload with standard equipment listed above: 2210 lbs. (1002 kg), Twin Fan


  • Non-Standard Color – Body gelcoat surfaces in customer’s special color. Cockpit floor in black.

  • Cabin (Rear Cockpit Vinyl Enclosure) with clear vinyl side windows and velcro fasteners over tubular aluminum frame. Zip-in panels.

  • Heater/Defroster – marine heater core and fan unit directly connected to engine cooling system with protected hoses and equipped with adjustable outlets on instrument panel directed at windshield.

  • Lift Eyes – for raising complete craft with davits or crane/hoist

  • Stainless Steel Dual Muffler standard aluminized pipes.

  • Operating Light Package – four 100 watt x 12 v off-highway LED lights mounted above cab.

  • Stationary Hover System – Air Flow straightener array behind fans. Electric controls, handlebar mounted push-button controls; electronic position displays on instrument panel

  • Navigation Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2

  • Musting Survival Suits and Vests (4 Sets)

  • 3M Peltor Two-Way Radio Headset, wireless, rechargeable batteries holds charge up to 20 hours, power plug attachment can be used in all countries, power automatically on and off, distance about 2 miles

  • Cover for HT2000 (Dacron Polymathic Fabric in Black)

Current improvements in HT2000 design:

  1. Additional under Floor Flotation Buoyancy
  2. Enlarged Flexible Side Air Feed Ducts to increase Cushion Air Supply and ease of rear cushion duct plenum access. Zipper access to splitter and blocker actuators
  3. Six (6) under hull structural Tie Down Clips
  4. Six (6) Stressed Lifting Points inside Cabin
  5. All Aluminum Engine Mount
  6. Adjustable Tension Belt Compression Struts
  7. Improved Stator Design for increased thrust and noise reduction
  8. Actuators removed from Thrust Ducts and placed inside Lift Duct to enhance thrust
  9. Removable, Light Weight Fabric Cabin with Four (4) Roll-Up Windows. Enclosed design for access from outside and for egress from inside
  10. Improved Intake Mesh System for increased thrust performance and quick access to air ducts
  11. Fitment of “Spinners” to Fans for improved aerodynamics and thrust
  12. New Hull Edge Design with easily attached and Removable Segments. Also edge design increase overall cushion area for extra lift
  13. Anti-Plow Bow Skirts
  14. Anti-Scoop Rear Skirts to replace the heavy and damaged prone rear antiquated drag flag
  15. Radiator Overflow Tank
  16. Inline 2-person pilot Seat with Under Seat Storage Compartment for batteries and equipment
  17. Improved and efficient aerodynamic Lightweight Rudder System
  18. Non-Skid/Slip Cabin Floor
  19. Optional 100% Variable Trust Blocker to stop the craft and unload off trailer. Variable Lift Splitter to increase cushion air lift by 20% when needed. These can each be controlled separated for maneuvering purposes
  20. Extensive weight reduction effort
  21. All Welded light weight seating support structure
  22. Throttle tension and cruise control lock

HT 2000 Technical Specifications


22'0" (6.70 m)
8'2" (2.52 m)
Cockpit Length
12'0" (3.65 m)
Cockpit Width
5'0" (1.5 m)
Height Over Strobe Light
80" (2.03 m)
Approx Dry Weight
2,500 lbs (1,134 kg)
Approx Gross Weight
4,950 lbs (2,245 kg)


GM V8 Vortec L96
366 cu in (6.0 L)
Max. Horsepower
360 HP
Fuel Capacity
50 US gal (187 l) (300 lb/136 kg)
2 Batteries(CA is 985 and CCA is 800) at 0 degrees per battery
12 V electronic
90 amp
Fuel System (ipo carburetor)
Multi-port/fuel injection


Dual Fan Lift/Thrust
Fan Diameter
39" (99 cms)
Variable Splitter
Electric Controlled Lift


Max Hoverheight
12" (300 mms)
# of Skirt Segments


Max Payload
2,210 lbs (1002 kg)
Max Speed on Calm Water
40 mph (64 km)
Max Speed on Smooth Ice
60 mph (96 km)
Max Speed on Land
40 mph (64 km)
Cushion (hump) time w/ calm water & max load
8 seconds
Max Wave Handling Capacity
2 ft (600 mms)
7.3 hours at cruising speed with payload
Turning Capability
180º and 360º turns


2 Inline Seat in front
10-12 passengers
2 Crews seat one on each side
8 (Two Rows of 4 seats)

Hovertrailer Specification for HT 2000

  • Painted steel frame
  • Painted exterior grade plywood deck: 18'3" x 8'6" (5.56 m x 2.6 m)
  • Angled sideboards
  • Swing-away tongue jack and hydraulic tilt system
Three 3,500 lb (1,509 kg) axles with hydraulic surge brakes
Wheels & Tires
Six 20.5 x 8.0 x 10 load range E wide base wheels and tires
  • Four side and three rear marker lights
  • Two combined tail, brake and turn signal lights
  • 2 inch (51 mm) coupler
  • Safety chains
  • Width: 8' 6" (2.59 m)
  • Length (incl tongue): 29' 6" (9 m)
Trailer Weight
2,600 lbs (1,182 kg)
Gross (Max) Weight Capacity (trailer plus load)
6,500 lbs (2,955 kg)
  • Electric Winch 4000 lb Working Load
  • Spare wheel and tire
  • Tie-downs
  • Set of Two Wheel Surge Activated Hydraulic Brakes