About Hovertechnics

Hovertechnics was originally founded in the state of Michigan in 1984 as a family-owned corporation. Today, our sole business is the design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of hovercraft, hovercraft trailers, related accessories and replacement parts. Our manufacturing facility is in southwest Michigan, a short distance from the epicenter of the U.S. Recreational Vehicle Industry and close to the St. Joseph River where it feeds into Lake Michigan.

This location has many advantages. Nearby Elkhart, Indiana, has the largest concentration of fiberglass shops and related skilled labor in the nation. Southwest Michigan also has a plentiful supply of automotive related, experienced manpower. It is centrally located in the North American market and has fast rail links for container transport to the Port of Montreal and to East and West Coast ports in the U.S.

Climatically speaking, Michigan has the advantage of deep freeze winters and semi-tropical summers - ideal conditions for testing hovercraft in all weather conditions.

Latest Activities


The capability of hovercraft to go where other vehicles cannot gives first responders important advantages in many rescue operations …


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